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First Impression Alert: Tangle Teezer and Dark N Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner

First Impression Alert: Tangle Teezer and Dark N Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner


Okay, so due to my recent pink hair adventures. I ended up at Sally’s Beauty Supply store buying items I really did not need. But I was visiting family and had none of my products to use. So it was a good enough excuse to let the product junkie within me have fun for a few.

I ended up buying a few products. And on a whim picked up the tangle teezer at the last minute. It pretty much was like an…

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Pink Hair!


Soooo yeah I did a little bit of experimenting recently. And after having my hair in twist for two weeks. I was super bored with my hair and ready to try something different. So there I was scrolling on IG and I notice the new hair craze for us naturals is “hair chalking” or “hair blushing” as I see other naturals call it. I remember seeing CurlyNikki test it out awhile back. But I was…

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Hair Boredom And Hair Laziness

Hair Boredom And Hair Laziness

I know, I know two post back to back? Say what! Whoop! Whoop!

Im really trying to get better with my updates now that I am working. And being that I love blogging way more than my regular 9-5, why not spend my energy after being drained from work on something I actually love doing! So here I am, ready to vent about how BORED I am with my hair. :: sigh ::

Yes, as exciting as natural hair can be.…

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Postpartum Hair Loss

Okay, so I have hit the hair shedding stage in my postpartum journey. And lets just say… It’s a little depressing. As soon as my son hit 4 months I noticed the shedding, “okay, no big deal” I thought. I had already knew it was coming and had watched one of my FAV youtubers(Tiffany Darlyn) go through it. So I assumed I was well prepared. But boy was I wrong!

A month and a half has gone by and my…

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