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Mashup Review: Product Junkie Problems

Mashup Review: Product Junkie Problems

So what happens when you’re a product junkie and you’ve recently bought and tried out multiple products? You end up like a big kid on Christmas trying to play with all of your toys at once.  So there I was on wash day with more than a handful of new products I just could not wait to try!

My first pickup was from Trader Joe’s (which is new to my town), while browsing the new store I came across…

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First Impression: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls

First Impression: Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls


So about a week and a half ago I caved into my product junkie buying as of late and bought a product from a company I never would have possibly thought of purchasing from… Miss Jessie’s. I’ve heard great things about their products but the price point of their products are a bit steep. Especially if you are on a budget, or simply can’t see yourself paying that amount of money for ONE product. I…

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Impromptu Perm Rod Set


Ever seen a popular youtuber or popular IG picture of a dope hairstyle that you just HAD to try?

Ever tried to recreate the look and up looking like an EPIC FAIL? 


Yup, that was me trying to recreate the gorgeous Samirah Gilli  “Defined Chunky Flat Twist Out”. I learned my flat-twist technique is abysmal, and I definitely need to keep on practicing if I want results like Ms. Gilli. So there I…

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In My Opinion: Aunt Jackie’s “Knot On My Watch” Detangling Conditioner

In My Opinion: Aunt Jackie’s “Knot On My Watch” Detangling Conditioner

By now you guys should I know I am all for conditioners that claimed to help detangle. So when I saw Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch during a random trip at Dollar General for $5, the yearning product junkie within me just had to have it.  So my boyfriend was so kind to have assisted in my recent product junkie buying and bought it for me. SCORE! :D


Now this product is suppose to be an “instant…

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First Impression Alert: Tangle Teezer and Dark N Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner

First Impression Alert: Tangle Teezer and Dark N Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner


Okay, so due to my recent pink hair adventures. I ended up at Sally’s Beauty Supply store buying items I really did not need. But I was visiting family and had none of my products to use. So it was a good enough excuse to let the product junkie within me have fun for a few.

I ended up buying a few products. And on a whim picked up the tangle teezer at the last minute. It pretty much was like an…

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Pink Hair!


Soooo yeah I did a little bit of experimenting recently. And after having my hair in twist for two weeks. I was super bored with my hair and ready to try something different. So there I was scrolling on IG and I notice the new hair craze for us naturals is “hair chalking” or “hair blushing” as I see other naturals call it. I remember seeing CurlyNikki test it out awhile back. But I was…

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Hair Boredom And Hair Laziness

Hair Boredom And Hair Laziness

I know, I know two post back to back? Say what! Whoop! Whoop!

Im really trying to get better with my updates now that I am working. And being that I love blogging way more than my regular 9-5, why not spend my energy after being drained from work on something I actually love doing! So here I am, ready to vent about how BORED I am with my hair. :: sigh ::

Yes, as exciting as natural hair can be.…

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Postpartum Hair Loss

Okay, so I have hit the hair shedding stage in my postpartum journey. And lets just say… It’s a little depressing. As soon as my son hit 4 months I noticed the shedding, “okay, no big deal” I thought. I had already knew it was coming and had watched one of my FAV youtubers(Tiffany Darlyn) go through it. So I assumed I was well prepared. But boy was I wrong!

A month and a half has gone by and my…

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